to Jackson’s Garage Door Services, where we believe garage doors are a BIG dealWhether they are residential or commercial doors, garage doors are a big deal… How big? Well, your garage accounts for as much as 40% of your home’s exterior or it’s the most important point of delivery for your business. Kind of like the postal service, garage doors work in all kinds of weather, day and night. They increase curb appeal and resale value, protect your valuables from the weather, provide security and insulate from extreme temperatures. Here at Jackson’s we offer the best quality installation and repair of commercial and residential garage doors. We are locally owned and operated in Middle Tennessee. Our goal is plain and simple – to install and service garage doors that improve the safety, efficiency and value of your home or business. We’d like to make it easy for you to select your new garage door or repair your old one.

Here’s a little free advice for residential and commercial clients:

  • Your garage door is a big investment. You want the respect and professionalism of a dealer who has been in business for a number of years and guarantees their work. Read more about us.
  • Curb appeal means you want a variety of designs and colors to choose from, including custom doors. Read more about our products.
  • Garage doors should be durable and strong, able to withstand years of use and abuse…okay, at least a lot of regular use. You’ll want to look at the materials the door is made of and the level of insulation, as well as the strength and gauge of the hardware. Click here to read more about the high quality doors we sell and why these are the best choices for your needs.
  • Maintenance of doors is a must for appearance and safety reasons. This means that a well-constructed door will add lasting value to your home or business…and repair bills will be minimal over the lifetime of your door. Read more about our maintenance services.