The Value of a Professional Garage Door Repair

Why worry about your garage door? Well, it provides a lot of important benefits to you and to the value of your home. Your car will be protected from the weather, which can lengthen the life of your car and keep it clean. It will protect the items you store in your garage and keep them safe from the weather and from intruders.

If you need to have your garage door repaired, you will want to make sure to contact a trained professional. Garage door installers and repairmen are a specialty trade. This means you should receive quality services and the best quality parts for the price you pay. Garage doors are not all the same and are not produced on as massive a scale as other common household items. So it’s important to hire someone who is familiar with your door and can find the right parts for service.

Like most things, the best way to prevent the expense of repair is proper maintenance. Proper maintenance will ensure that your door functions properly for many years. There are a few simple things you can do to ensure that your garagedoor repair functions properly for many years to come. Here are a few tips from Jackson’s Garage Door Services:

  • Just like the smoke alarm in your home, keeping fresh batteries in your electronic remote will ensure that you are never stuck out in the cold with no way to get into the garage.
  • Keeping the gears, pulleys and track well lubricated is important, so ask your garage repair professional to help you with annual maintenance. By keeping garage door parts lubricated, you allow them to move easier which creates less strain on the motor.
  • Checking the weather stripping periodically will also help keep the door functioning properly. The weather strip prevents cold air from entering the garage in the winter and hot air in the summer. This is essential to helping with your electric bills.

You’ll save money on costly repairs, reduce your energy bills and keep your valuables safe by contracting with a trained professional… and a little maintenance will keep you from being left out in the cold!

Residential Garage Door Openers

Here’s a little education on garage door openers. They’ve definitely made life a bit easier and warmer. When purchasing the opener for your needs you typically have a choice of three basic types. Most overhead opener systems operate on a screw drive, belt drive or a chain drive.

  • Chain Drive: A chain drive garage door opener is the noisiest of the three. However, it is also the least expensive and has enjoyed being the most popular as well. One of the really handy features of this opener is that it can be purchased to disuade your fears if you are worried about security. It changes the code every time you use the garage door opener which lessens the chance that someone else can use their remote to open your door and makes your garage more secure. It is also available with a console that can be mounted on the wall to control the lights and the door.
  • Belt Drive: Belt drive openers are a lot smoother operating than screw or chain drive. In addition, belt drive openers can come with a battery backup, so even during power failures, your door will still work smoothly. This is an added bit of security for your garage. Most brands of belt drive doors come with a lifetime warranty and are handy for the do-it-yourself inclined. They are a bit pricier than the chain driven garage door openers and may require an extension kit if your doors are taller than seven feet.
  • Screw Drive: Screw drive garage door openers are often preferred by those who live in cold climates. When it comes to noise levels, this type is in between. It is not as noisy as the chain drive but a bit noisier than the belt driven opener. Most use polymer-coated rails as a way of avoiding the metal to metal contact, which seems to workwell. Using a screw drive which has been formed from one piece of solid steel allows the opener to last longer. With the screw drive opener the mechanism has room for very little free movement and the doors open quite smoothly. The majority of screw drive openers have direct drive power and since they have only a limited number of moving parts they are quiet openers. As with other types they come with the remote and a keyless pad which can be installed if you choose.

The key to getting the right garage door opener for you is to ask a trained garage door professional to help you select one that works with your garage door and addresses your safety, security, accessibility and value concerns.